6:30 pm Twin Cities Group Grace Episcopal Church Kentucky St & 1st St Fairfield Open
6:30 pm On The Rocks Book Study Rockville Presbyterian Church 4177 Suisun Valley Rd Fairfield Open
6:30 pm 11th Step Prayer & Meditation Vaca Valley Alano Club 106 Peabody Rd Vacaville
7:00 pm Rio Vista Women's Group First Congregational Church 230 Sacramento St Rio Vista Open
7:00 pm ALANON Kroc Center 586 E Wigeon Way Suisun City
7:00 pm ALANON United Methodist Church 340 W B St Dixon
7:00 pm Dixon Dry Dock Group United Methodist Church W B St & N Jefferson St Dixon Open
7:30 pm Si Se Puede Group Congregational Church 701 Suisun St Suisun City Spanish
7:30 pm Rio Vista Men's Stag Senior Center 25 Main St Rio Vista Open
8:00 pm Primary Purpose Christian Church of Vacaville 66 Vine St Vacaville
8:00 pm Young People's Meeting Into-Action Fellowship 1731 N Texas St Fairfield Open
8:00 pm Grupo "Mano Amiga" Trower Neighborhood Center 100 Holly Ln Vacaville